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Seasonal Game


Fresh from the Hopetoun Estate

 With 6,500 acres of land including 1000 acres of woodland, 1000 acres of permanent pasture and over 3000 acres of arable land the Hopetoun Estate is abundant with game including venison, rabbit and a variety of seasonal gamebirds.


To order Hopetoun Game call Hopetoun Farm Shop on 01506 830 716, lines are open 10am – 5pm daily.

All of our game is delivered to you fresh, not frozen, and the supply is often dictated by the seasons. For this reason we process all game orders via the telephone. This ensures that you are reliably informed of exactly when your order will be available.  

Hopetoun Venison

We are fortunate to be able to supply fresh venison from our Estate all year around.  Achieving a Great Taste Gold Award in 2012 and chosen as an ingredient by Paul Hollywood for the new BBC programme Pies and Puds we know our venison something special!

Prices for fresh Hopetoun venison start at £12.90 per kg for diced venison. We're happy to advise you on the best quantity and cuts for your requirements, simply call the butcher at Hopetoun Farm Shop on 01506 830716 between 10am and 5pm daily.

Hopetoun Rabbit

We generally have a good supply of rabbit from our Gamekeeper throughout the whole year.  Rabbits are delivered to you fresh, skinned and prepared for cooking. Please call us to place your order on 01506 830716 and we can tell you exactly when you can expect your delivery to arrive. Rabbits do vary in size but they typically weigh just under a kilo and the cost per kilo is £7.95. 

Hopetoun Gamebirds

Throught the year we have a wide range of different gamebirds available on the Estate which can be delivered fresh to your door from our butchery. Because our birds are delivered fresh and not frozen please use the guide below to choose the best time of year to order:

  • Pheasant (November – January)
  • Grouse (August – December)
  • Woodpigeon (all year)
  • Partridge (October – December)

 Game orders must be placed via the telephone  so that our staff can give you the most accurate information on the availability and a timescale for your home delivery.  If you have any enquiries or wish to place an order contact us seven days a week on 01506 830716 (10am-5pm).